The Difference Between Stock, Semi-Custom and Custom Cabinets

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, or bathroom remodel, in the near future you need to understand the difference between stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets before you begin. Kitchen cabinets are often the focal point of your favorite space, and as such need to be as much about form as function. Bathroom cabinets need to be as beautiful as they are sturdy

Installing ready-made cabinets can result in a kitchen or bathroom every bit as stunning as installing cabinets made, or adapted, to your specifications. The difference between stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets refers to the production method used, and not necessarily the quality of your kitchen cabinets.

Here we break down the differences between stick, semi-custom, and custom cabinets-the three basic cabinet types available to you. Understanding what the advantages and disadvantages of each kitchen cabinet type will help you make the best choice for your new kitchen.

Stock and RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) Cabinets 

As the name implies, stock cabinets are ready-made kitchen cabinets produced using standard measurements, and available in both classic and on-trend styles. Stock cabinets are readily available, though not necessarily customizable to your taste. In other words, what you see is what you get. 

However, not all stock kitchen cabinets are bad, and if you’re working on a tight timeline, or budget, stock cabinets are a great way to stay within both. Be aware that your stock, or RTA cabinets are only available in modular units, and your selection of shapes, colors, heights and wood types will be limited.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

When you opt for semi-custom cabinets you’re choosing ready-to-install cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom that have been customized to your specifications in some manner. You can choose to change up your choice of finish, the depth or other dimension of your cabinets, and in some cases, the type of wood used to make the finished product. 

A semi-custom bathroom or kitchen cabinet will add to your timeline, and budget, depending on the customization you require. If you find you’re timeline and budget a bit tight, but still want to have some wiggle room as far as tailoring your cabinets to your taste, then semi-custom cabinets are for you.

Custom Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets

Weighing the difference between stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets, highlights the many factors you need to consider. Obviously budget is a primary concern for most homeowners, and timeline can influence your selection as well. Of course lasting style, function, and quality that’s unmatched is ultimately the desired result of any home renovation and your choice of cabinets can make a huge difference.

Stock and semi-custom cabinets are built to be modular. Custom bathroom and kitchen cabinets are designed specifically for your space. This makes for much more functional use of your kitchen. For those home chefs who use their kitchen fairly often custom cabinets can make a big difference.

With stock cabinets and semi-custom cabinets you’ll find you need to use a combination of the available pieces to fit your space. Not so with custom cabinets. Your cabinets are built to order, to your specifications.

The selection of wood and finishes is much broader. You can add details as you like and work directly with the design team to further customize the look of your bathroom or kitchen cabinets.

Another remarkable difference between stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets is in the way they are mounted. Stock and semi-custom cabinets employ a quarter inch fiberboard backing with a hanging rail on the back. With custom cabinets you are able to hang them directly by installing screws anywhere on the back of the solid half-inch backing. This ensures stability and a more flush appearance.

The Choice is Yours

The trend today is toward efficient kitchen systems, and to that end, your cabinets play a huge role. You want a kitchen that’s functional, fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, and, above all, is an example of your specific style and panache. 

For more information on the difference between stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets contact the design team at Seiffert Building Supplies. We will work with you to find the best, most affordable cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, in budget and on time.