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Getting the Best Return on Your Window Replacement Project

There are a number of good reasons to replace your home windows. Whether you’re doing it for resale or because they’re old, worn out or drafty, replacing windows is a pretty big project you’ll want to research before getting started. Here are a few good things to keep in mind before you make the investment.

Jeremy Devol

Jeremy Devol
Window & Door Specialist

  • You Get a Return in Energy Savings: We all like to conserve energy if we can, and top of the line windows can help you save as much as 15% – 20% per year on your heating and cooling bills. While this savings alone won’t allow you to recoup your full investment on windows, it can get you pretty close when combined with other factors like resale.
  • You Get an Even Bigger Return through Resale: People still pay more for value so if you buy beautiful, premium, energy-efficient windows, you can recoup 70-75% of your window investment on resale. Add this to the energy gains and you can come out ahead.
  • You Can Do it in Phases: If you really want quality windows but don’t have the cash on hand, there’s nothing to say you can’t replace them in phases such as doing one floor at a time. This is actually pretty common in window replacement and can keep your expenses more manageable throughout the project.
  • Longevity Impacts Price: While higher end windows will cost more to purchase, that doesn’t mean they’re not a good value. Premium wood and fiberglass windows may cost 20 – 30% more but they’ll also last 30 – 50% longer than typical vinyl windows.

Like anything else with your home, a window replacement project is an investment. Some investments get a lot better returns than others and some take longer to pay off. Keep in mind that there’s more to windows than just the investment. Windows are also a major feature of your home you’re going to want to enjoy for many years. Depending on your situation, the guidelines here should help you decide which type of investment makes the most sense for your home and for your budget.