Custom Design Services

Sit down with our in-house designers and watch your dream design come to life. Whether it’s a complete custom home or an update of an existing space, we can help you with a creative design using the latest CAD technology. We also have in-house engineered wood design capabilities to help you create that completely unique solution.


With more than twenty years of experience in residential and light commercial design, our Home Designers can provide you with the working plans for your construction or remodel job, while incorporating fresh ideas and the latest building trends into your project.

Home Design Services

Virtual Reality Home Tours

Virtual Reality Home Tours

Our virtual reality tours give you the ability to stand inside and move through your new home before starting construction. Designing and building a new home is a stressful experience. Few people can visualize what a 3 dimensional space will feel like based off of a blueprint, yet that’s exactly what you are asked to do before starting a construction project costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. What if you could see and get a feel for the interior spaces of your home while it is still in the design stages? With Seiffert’s Virtual Reality service, you can! Call to schedule a demo.