2018 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

New Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2018

We’re about halfway through 2018 so we’ve had plenty of time for new trends to enter the scene and stake their claims on design.  Today, we want to specifically take a look at Kitchen Cabinets and see what’s new versus what’s had its moment in the spotlight but is now making its way out.

Debbie Elliott

Debbie Elliott
Kitchen & Bath Specialist

In: Two-Tones

Contrasting color schemes remains trendy this year.  You can contrast your cabinets from your countertops.  You can contrast your upper cabinets from your lower cabinets.  You can even feature an island as your point of contrast.  No matter how you decide to implement multiple tones, that contrast will provide the eye-catching pop that will make your kitchen stand out.

Out: Dark Colors

In your pursuit of contrast, you may want to steer clear of dark colors.  While they’re the most extreme for generating variations of color, we’re starting to see them trending out this year.  Cleaner and more neutral colors are taking the top spot in cabinet trends.  Grey is an especially trendy choice lately.  If you do want to lean a bit darker, then consider a Cobalt Blue.  We’d also recommend that when using a trendy color, consider just incorporating it into the island cabinets as opposed to the whole perimeter so that, as time goes on and tastes change, it’s a smaller project to update the color.

In: Fully Functional Islands

The island is no longer merely a place to eat.  Islands are being used for a broad array of purposes now. Many people use their islands as a workspace for both them and their children.  Islands can serve as an extra meal preparation area with built-in sinks.  Other times, they’re simply a focal point and common gathering space while hosting get-togethers with friends and family.

In: Storage Space

Everyone wants the most out of their storage and there are a bunch of options for it right now when it comes to cabinetry.  There’s more customization than ever before if you want deep drawers for pots and pans, dividers for utensils and K-Cup pods, or charging drawers for all of your devices.  You can even customize your cabinets to perfectly store and organize various components of plastic storage containers such as Tupperware and Rubbermaid. Some of the cabinets even come with the containers that fit perfectly in their storage slots.

Out: Closed Off Upper Cabinets

There’s been a consistent trend pushing toward openness and creating as much space as possible.  Along with that has come an uptick in demand for floating shelves where upper cabinets used to exist.  These provide similar stocking space without having the closed off atmosphere that cabinet doors can sometimes project.