Energy Efficient Home Windows

The Most Efficient Windows For Your Home

Homeowners today understand that their windows provide much more than a view of the world. Energy efficient windows actually make a huge difference in your utility bills, but their benefits extend beyond your monthly bills. Depending in the type of energy efficient windows you install in your home, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit.

Whether you get a credit or not, new, more efficient windows absolutely improve the resale value of your home. In fact, window replacement is consistently among the top ten home improvements that increase your resale value. It’s estimated that homeowners can recoup nearly 75 percent of their new window investment in resale value, depending on when they sell. Between resale and lower utility bills, your new energy efficient windows will pay for themselves.

Even if you opt to stay put, new windows for you home will provide you with plenty off bang for your buck. You can also rest easy knowing you’ve lowered the impact of your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for you and the planet!

Choosing The Most Efficient Windows

Selecting the right windows for your home means knowing what qualifies as energy saving as far as frame, glass, and design. Not all windows are created equal and the most efficient windows may not be the ones you think. Here is a breakdown of the most efficient windows available today.


Traditional aluminum window frames are much more conductive than other materials., meaning they will let heat and cold seep in. Wood, fiberglass and vinyl are much better at keeping the outside temperature from coming into your home. Fiberglass is known for it’s durability as well as temperature control. Here are the top window frame materials broken down for you:

Fiberglass:  Made up of glass fibers and resin, fiberglass window frames are fairly impervious to temperature changes, keeping your home comfortable even in the heat of the summer, or the chill of a Quad Cities winter. This material resists swelling, warping and rotting and expands at the same rate as glass, so your windows will maintain their strength. Fiberglass frames are long-lasting and durable, requiring very little maintenance, but if you like you can paint them to change the color.

Vinyl:  Vinyl window frames are an excellent alternative to all wood and aluminum windows and very durable. Upon installation, your vinyl frame provides a tight, impenetrable seal. Vinyl is available in a wide array of colors, and maintains its look for years without much maintenance at all. You can opt for additional insulation in your vinyl window frames, and up the energy efficiency of your new windows even more.

Clad Wood:  Wood has been the standard for efficient windows for decades and newer clad wood windows add additional durability. Providing excellent insulation, clad wood window frames are much more customizable to your preference. While traditional wood window frames required quite a bit of maintenance such as painting and caulking, clad wood windows have exterior cladding that reduces a lot of that maintenance. Durable, and, depending on the type of glass with which they are paired, wood window frames offer a high return in energy efficiency.


Obviously the frames for your new efficient windows are crucial to their performance, but the glass you choose has considerable bearing as well. The most popular option for homeowners is the Low-E, argon-filled, double-pane windows. Although these windows are slightly more expensive than traditional glass windows, your return-on-investment, in terms of utility costs, makes them worth the money.

Argon gas is more dense than air, so adding it to the air trapped between the panes provides higher insulation. When combined with low-emissivity (low-E), your window panes will remain at room temperature, or very close to it.

Triple-paned windows are available and, should you prefer the added protection against harsh winter weather, by all means go for it. However many homeowners find the extra pane interferes with the light and visibility quality of the windows. 

Do Storm Windows Offer Better Efficiency?

Many homeowners in the Quad Cities find the need for storm windows eliminated with today’s more efficient windows. Double pane windows provide all of the comfort and energy savings, as well as the security, you need. And there isn’t any of the hassle involved with installing, the taking down, your storm windows as the seasons require. 

Your Efficient Windows Experts

If you’re looking for new, or replacement windows for your home, talk to the window experts at Seiffert Building Supplies. We carry a full line of the most efficient windows available today. We have many different window designs, and our experts can help you determine the right energy efficient windows for your home.