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Most Popular Countertop Styles, Colors and Trends

In the past, the commonly held opinion regarding countertops was that “Granite’s the best”.  More recently, you might be surprised to learn that quartz countertops have trended upwards to claim the title “most popular”.  There are two distinct factors for this shift: Appearance and Durability.

Debbie Elliott

Debbie Elliott
Kitchen & Bath Specialist


Granite used to be noted for its elegance and natural appearance. On the other hand, public sentiment about quartz was that it looked plastic.  The little black flecks suggested a lower quality material.  Today, quartz surfaces are vastly improved.  Manufacturers have designed ways to add veining and give the quartz a wavier look and feel.  Now quartz countertops give the consumer the perception that they’re getting just as high quality a material as they would if they chose to use granite.

And the benefits don’t stop there.  It’s safe to say that the most popular trends in color center on whites, grays, and other neutral options.  The reason being that they present a very open, calming, and tranquil atmosphere – because your kitchen should be a welcoming room for light conversations, happy memories, and warm laughter.  A company like Cambria (a brand we offer) has upwards of 10 variations of whites alone, but they also boast an impressive 140+ different color schemes if your tastes vary.


Quartz is a non-porous countertop material, which makes it highly durable.  Being low maintenance and not requiring frequent resealing work is a major attraction for a countertop product.  Consumers want their kitchens to reflect their personality.  Quartz offers a refined look that you can rely on.  This really creates the gap between quartz and granite.  The best of both worlds are combined when a product grants low maintenance durability without foregoing the appearance of a top quality stone.  To further protect the surface we do not recommend placing extremely hot items directly onto a quartz countertop.  While it is a cooler stone to the touch, it can still potentially be damaged by thermal shocks.

Popular Features

Most surface materials allow for flexible design features.  Among the current top features are built-in sinks as opposed to mounted or drop-in sinks.  Built-in sinks compliment a flowing, low maintenance theme.  They don’t interrupt the countertop with clunky edges and they also make for easy cleaning since you can wipe down the countertop right into the sink.