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How to Tell When You Need New Windows

Replacing windows and doors isn’t something most homeowners enjoy doing. During a remodeling project it’s something that’s often overlooked. There are some easy signs you can look for to let you know it might be a good idea to start replacing your windows. Here are a few of our early warning signs.

Jeremy Devol

Jeremy Devol
Window & Door Specialist

  • Obvious Damage: If your windows are clearly broken or your frames are damaged it’s pretty likely they’re not providing proper protection to your home any more.
  • Sealing Problems: Are your windows drafty? If so, your window seals have failed. This can allow for moisture to enter your home and cause damage.
  • Hard to Open or Close: If your windows no longer function as designed, there’s a good chance less obvious problems are present that can cause damage in addition to the inconvenience.
  • Condensation Between Panes: This is an obvious sign that aging windows are failing. Your double and triple paned windows should be completely sealed between panes.
  • Older Aluminum or Single Paned: Less expensive, older technology windows don’t last as long and are inefficient. In an average home this can easily add $500 or more per year to your energy bill.


Replacing your windows is a great way to update your home and raise both the value and the appeal. You can also make it more convenient by doing half your windows at a time spread out over two years. Keep in mind that buying better quality windows may cost a bit more but still save you money in the long run. Higher end windows tend to last longer and provide the additional advantage of better energy efficiency throughout the life of the windows.