Decking Styles

5 Deck Designs That Work With Most Homes

Decks today serve a bigger purpose than the traditional porch, and today’s popular deck designs reflect that. While both decks and porches provide a pleasant area to sit and unwind, gaze out on mother nature’s finery, or catch up on the latest news with friends and neighbors, a deck is a more functional extension of your home and a nod to your sense of style. It’s easy to understand the tremendous popularity of the outdoor deck.

While your home’s deck is a reflection of your lifestyle, and you can easily create the deck of your dreams by adding your personal flair, not all deck designs work with every style of home. A mid-century modern home would likely sport a much different deck design than a home that,s more Victorian in style. 

Finding deck designs that complement your home’s design, and reflect your personal style, doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 5 deck designs, and lasting trends, to make your outdoor living space your favorite “room” in the house. 

Traditional Design

A traditional style of deck is a great starting point for most home deck designs. Though typically rectangular in shape, the traditional design is beautifully enhanced by decorative features. Octagon corners soften the appearance and routed rail covers give it a gentler appeal. Traditional deck designs lend themselves nicely to moldings and trim, as well. 

Contemporary Deck Designs

Sleek lines and unencumbered features give a fuss-free look to modern, contemporary deck designs. Think basic shapes, and “less is more” when considering a modern style of deck. Cable and glass railing systems work very well, along with the most maintenance free materials. 

Colonial Deck Style

The classic design of the colonial home is echoed in this popular style of deck. By incorporating symmetry in the design, and even multi-levels if desired, the colonial deck embraces traditional, with distinction. White molded railing, traditional post toppers, built in planter boxes, and wrought iron accents repeat the theme of the colonial deck. Built-in benches, and pergolas also work well with colonial deck designs.

Coastal Design

You don’t have to live on the coast to embrace the easy, breezy feel of a seaside retreat. With the coastal deck all eyes are on the view. Gray composite decking, accented by white posts, and cable rails, provides a warm and weathered feel, not unlike the coast. A coastal deck is especially charming if you have a backyard pool, or a view of the river. The coastal design also makes a nice addition to a lakeside cottage.

Mountain Deck Designs

Whether you’re looking to add a deck on to your cabin in the woods, or you simply enjoy the rugged beauty of a rustic look, mountain deck designs can add a warm and inviting appeal to your outdoor living space. Think large posts, heavy wood, and large features. Of course, you’ll need some space to pull of a mountain deck design, and consider your home’s design, as well. But rest assured, done right, mountain deck designs provide a delightful retreat from the stress of your day. 

Maintenance Free Decking Adds to Your Leisure Time

No matter which of the popular deck designs you choose, consider building your outdoor sanctuary using composite decking. Maintenance-free, and long-lasting, composite decking withstands even the harshest of Iowa’s weather. It’s temperature friendly, doesn’t splinter, and needs no more care than a simple cleaning from time to time. As an added bonus of the reduced maintenance, you’ll have more time to enjoy your favorite “room” in the house.