Incredible Bathroom Designs

7 Incredible Bathroom Designs That Add Luxury

Whether greeting your morning, winding down after the days’ events or getting ready for an exciting evening out luxury bathroom designs set the tone. A calm, serene place of self care provides the peace we all need in our lives-our own private sanctuary. Here we offer incredible bathroom designs that add luxury to your space, your home and your life.

7 Bathroom Designs That Say “Luxury”

Luxury is a personal thing. Some long for opulence and sophistication in their bathroom designs while others crave a sense of cool calm, a spa-like setting and a space that promotes self care on every level. Whatever your idea of luxury you’ll surely find the perfect examples among our incredible bathroom designs.

1. Farmhouse Luxury

The relaxed modern farmhouse  is a very popular design theme in the Quad Cities. The look is classic and timeless but the modern conveniences and little luxuries make your farmhouse the perfect reflection of your style. 

Bathroom designs that add luxury to your modern farmhouse style begin with simple materials. Arched double doors leading to a soaking bathtub and minimalist shower area with a drain showcase the seamless simplicity that makes the farmhouse design so popular. Far from trendy among bathroom designs this tub and shower room exudes quiet, simple luxury.

2. Luxury Lounge

One of the more popular trends we see in luxury bathroom designs is the lounge area. This can be as simple as room for a comfortable chair or as elaborate as a parlor setting adjacent to the main bathroom area. Design your luxury parlor to reflect your interior style. Go spa modern with   low integrated lighting, surround sound for meditative music, some greenery and soft seating. Channel your inner Bridgerton persona and select a chaise on which to recline, gilded mirrors and lush wallpaper. Add a chandelier to complete the ambience.

3. All White

Among bathroom designs the all white bathroom is a blank canvas on which to define your luxury. Choose to set a contemporary tone with white tile, white soaking tub and wall shower or glassed shower room. Clerestory windows complete the clean and indulgent allure of the all white bathroom. Floating fixtures keep the clean lines in all white bathroom designs. Add a marble-look to increase the opulence.

4. Create a Mood with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is here to stay in a big way and easily create luxury bathroom designs that are all your own. A floral wallpaper in deep hues, a quality piece of furniture such as an antique chiffonier, converted into a sink, wall sconces in place of overhead lighting and a claw-foot tub come together in a very stunning luxury statement.

5. Install Some Unexpected Creature Comforts

Nothing says luxury quite like those unexpected creature comforts that make you want to hide in your stunning bathroom all day. A deep soaking tub designed for lounging,  a sound system for your favorite music, a fireplace in the wall, soft seating, warming lotion dispensers, interactive technology, a bookcase all offer an elevated sense of comfort. You may even consider a bidet for your water closet.

6. A Luxury Shower Room

Forget the shower stalls of the past few decades. Todays luxury bathroom designs include an oversized shower or shower room. These luxurious showers have multiple heads hitting from all directions. A cascading rainfall shower head gently pours forth from above. A built in seat, natural stone, subdued lighting, heated tiles to step out onto offer comfort on a cold Quad Cities morning.

7. Multiple Storage Areas

While this may not be at the top of your luxury list when you imagine your stunning new luxury space, storage is a top priority in many bathroom designs. If you are currently in need of extra storage you know multiple storage areas are indeed a luxury. 

Consider incorporating storage into your fixtures such as cabinetry surrounding your sink. Install a walk-in linen closet. Add some floating shelves above your bathtub to keep things like loofahs, bath salts and items that enhance your soak. Storage helps with organization and any time your self-care space is organized and de-cluttered its a luxury.

Bathroom Designs for You

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