Bathroom Design Tips

4 Tips for Improving Your Bathroom Design

Any successful design project begins with detailed planning. And a well thought out bathroom design is no exception. When you’re working on improving the design of a limited area such as a bathroom it benefits you in the long run to pay attention to the details. Here we offer our tips for improving your bathroom’s design.

Our 4 Tips to Improve Your Bathroom’s Design

The best way to improve your bathroom’s design is by creating a space that make your life much easier and offer a sense of style you can be proud of at the same time. Here we offer five tips to help you improve your bathroom’s design.

1. What’s Your Luxury

Luxury can mean different things to different people. Your indulgence in luxury may be a soaking tub or an oversized shower. A heated floor can certainly be a luxury during those bone-chilling Iowa winters. Luxury for some homeowners means easy maintenance, accessible storage and plenty of counter space. Define your luxury and center your bathroom’s design around what you want.

Do you plan on changing the footprint of your bathroom or simply improving your bathroom’s design by updating things like storage, cabinets and countertops. If you’re updating or remodeling your en-suite bathroom then go for the indulgences that will make your life feel more luxurious.

2. Make Sure It’s Cost Effective Whatever Your Budget

Once you set a budget for improving your bathroom’s design make sure it’s cost effective. In other words get the most bang for your buck. Consider where your money will be best spent (refer to your ideas of luxury) and be sure to consider the following:

  • Cost of labor
  • Plumbing
  • Lighting and electrical costs
  • Materials
  • Any appliances

Always anticipate additional costs. As your project progresses you’ll inevitably find little tweaks you want to make to improve your bathroom’s design. Those tweaks will certainly impact your budget no matter how big or small they are. 

3. Don’t Overlook the Lighting

Your bathroom lighting is an essential part of your design. Think about the different types of lighting you want to incorporate when improving your bathroom’s design. Natural lighting adds a sense of calm and a welcoming vibe to your bathroom. Consider enlarging your window space with new windows. If your home permits it install a skylight. Not only does natural lighting improve any space but additional windows help with ventilation as well.

Once the sun sets you’ll need to rely on artificial lighting. Recessed lighting and sconces offer pleasant ambient lighting. Consider lighting over the vanity but make sure it isn’t too bright or garish. And overhead lighting is fine but casts shadows. Keep that in mind if you use your space to get ready for work or an evening out on the town.

4. Combine Function and Style

The beauty of today’s bathroom design options is that you can bring function and style together to improve your bathroom’s design. Consider how the space will be used. Is it primarily for your guests and overnight company or for those who live there? Is it a master en-suite or a powder room? The answer will certainly define your project. 

For an everyday use bathroom, be it your kids bathroom or your master bath, you need to consider daily maintenance. A soaking tub is a beautiful luxury for those who enjoy their relaxing bath but is it functional in terms of use? The same applies to an oversized shower. 

Do you need ample storage for things like styling tools and bathing accoutrements? Will you or a family member use the space to prepare for the day? Consider your countertops. Is there room to spread out things like makeup and your hair styling tools? If it’s primarily used for this occasional overnight guests make sure you have a place to store guest towels and toiletry items. Powder room? Have sufficient cabinet space for extra soaps and toilet paper. 

Start Here to Improve Your Bathroom’s Design

Improving your bathroom’s design or the design of any room in your home can be successful if you follow these tips. Your design can be both functional and beautiful when you trust the experts at Seiffert Building Supplies. We have everything you need to make your bathroom perfect for you and your family including the design expertise you need. Contact Seiffert Building Supplies and let’s get started.