Durable Countertop Materials

The 5 Most Durable Countertop Materials

In a busy kitchen your countertops take a beating. Hot pots and pans, spilled red wine or juice that stains, unsightly scratches and dings and on and on it goes. Selecting the most durable materials you can find for your countertops is the first step toward making sure your kitchen is as functional as it is beautiful.

For your benefit, we’ve gone ahead an put together a list of the five most durable materials for countertops. And the good news? These countertops are as stunningly beautiful as they are durable and because they stand up to nearly any abuse they maintain their beauty for years to come. 

The 5 Most Durable Materials for Your New Countertops

Whether you plan on replacing your old, worn out and weary-looking countertops, planning a total kitchen renovation or selecting the materials for countertops in your new home you have plenty of durable materials to choose from. Here we offer the top six countertop materials for durability and beauty. 

1. Quartz

Man and nature come together to [provide the number one choice in durable materials. Quartz countertops are made form a combination of crushed quartz stone and man-made resin. You can choose from solid colors or natural granite-look. 

Quartz is virtually indestructible under normal kitchen conditions. Quartz is heat resistant to 150° and scratch resistant too. There’s no need for maintenance such as regular resealing. And quartz won’t crack or chip unless you take a hammer to it. Unlike some natural stone countertops quartz doesn’t hold onto stains or bacteria. Quartz is one of the most durable materials for countertops.

2. Granite

Coming in a close second to quartz, granite is still one of the favorite options for homeowners in the Quad Cities. Granite is beautiful and very much on trend. With granite countertops you won’t need to worry about cops and cracks and you can set pots and pans on granite, right out of the oven, without a worry. 

Granite countertops require annual application of sealant to maintain their durability. Any chips or dings are easily polished out but you will need to reseal. Because granite is a natural stone the sample you select won’t match exactly to the countertops that are installed, but that’s part of the beauty of natural stone. But the nature of natural stone is what makes granite one of the most durable materials for countertops. 

3. Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops and quartz countertops are made in a similar fashion. Manufacturers of this material take natural stone and marble dust and blend with acrylic bonding agents and polymer resins to produce a hearty and durable countertop material. These beautiful countertops appear seamless and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Some homeowners extend the solid surface material to include their backsplash as well.

Solid surface countertops retain their beauty as they are impervious to fading or discoloration. Solid surface durable materials are non-porous and easy to care for. They require no sealing and scratches are easily polished or sanded right out, which is a plus as solid surface countertops scratch easily. You will need to take care with hot pots as the surface is vulnerable to heat. 

4. Yes Laminate is One of The Most Durable Materials

Today’s laminate countertops are not your mother’s laminate and far from it in terms of durable materials. Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing that produce these fairly durable materials modern laminate is available in practically endless options for color and style.  Laminate suits just about any design scheme. 

Laminate countertops don’t require any special maintenance beyond cleaning and while they are much more robust than their ancestors, today’s laminate can still be scratched, scorched and cracked if you aren’t careful. Although laminate is among the most durable materials for countertops it does have some vulnerabilities. 

5. Tile

Long considered among the top durable materials for countertops tile has also come a long way in terms of maintenance. As far as style, pattern and color, tile offers endless options. You can extend your tile countertop to include your backsplash as well. 

Tile is versatile, easy to clean and highly durable. Tile is heat resistant and impervious to cuts and stains. The real downside to tile is the uneven nature of the surface as it settles over time. While keeping your tile countertop looking good is relatively easy you will need to plan on rerouting and resealing from time to time to ensure against bacteria build up. 

For the Most Durable Materials for Your Countertop Talk to The Experts

Durability doesn’t have to mean a higher price tag. Talk to the professionals at Seiffert Building Supplies and together we’ll find the perfect durable materials for your countertops and your budget. Seiffert Building Supplies has a large selection of the latest countertops from which to choose. And our design team is there to assist you in your renovation or new build. Contact Seiffert Building Supplies today.