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Improve Your Closet Storage with These 7 Space Saving Hacks

If you have a busy household and not enough storage it can be very difficult to find ways to improve your closet storage. Whether your linen closet, broom closet or the dreaded clothes closet that is ready to bust, all our fellow Quad Cities homeowners know the pain of lack of closet storage. Organization is the key to keeping your home comfortable and its inhabitants content. When you lack storage space organization is very difficult.

7 Space Saving Hacks to Improve Your Closet Storage

When you’re short on storage there are a few ways to remedy that without getting rid of all of your possessions. (Although, if it’s been a minute you may want to purge your closets and preserve that space for those items you actually use or wear.) Here we offer our top seven ideas for simple space saving hacks to improve your closet storage.

1. Take and Inventory

Sometimes the best space saving hacks begin with organizing what you already have. Take everything out of your closet and assess your belongings. Do you really need those coats and jackets that no longer fit? Or those out-of-style clothes you haven’t worn in forever? How about the sports equipment, weather gear and the like that no longer gets used by your kids. Those items, simply put, are taking up space. Donate them.

Now that you’ve whittled your belongs down to those items you absolutely need and want you can move on. But, don’t put things back just yet.

2. Extend Your Clothes Rod

You can double your space for hanging clothes with this easy space saving hack. Hang a second dowel rod below your top hanging rod by attaching s-hooks and a chain from top rod to bottom rod. This provides additional hanging room. But make sure your top rod can bear the weight.

3. Extra Shelves

Shelves are an incredible space saver for your closet. Whether DIY or a custom installation your closet storage improves immediately. Consider shelving beneath your hanging clothes for boots and shoes. Below that you may install floor drawers for accessories and seasonal items like big, bulky sweaters.

Add shelves above your hanging items. If there are some already there you may want to add more. Have the room? Add floor to ceiling shelving, even a modest amount will improve your storage space. Whether in your clothes closet or seasonal storage closet or even a garage closet used for home maintenance, shelves open up your closet storage and add space. 

4. Add Drawers

If you have a walk-in closet and sufficient room consider placing a small dresser inside. The additional drawers provide space for items such as shoes and accessories. A small dresser easily tucks behind your hanging clothes if there is space or into a corner. 

The addition of custom drawers is also a great investment and adds value to your home. Maximize your closet storage space with the addition of custom drawers and cabinets.

5. Pull-Out Closet Storage

One unique and practical way to hack your closet space is by installing vertical pull-out shelving or hanging implements. These can be used for belts, ties, jewelry and other small accessories that take up space in your clothes closet or even pantry items or cleaning tools in your other storage closets. You may even maximize your lawn and garden or tool storage area by incorporating vertical pull-out units.

6. Storage Bins

The addition of bins, whether pull-out, purchased or custom-installed, helps make the most use of the space you have. Even the smallest of closets accommodates a bin or two for storing  accessories and seasonal items. Storage bins in your laundry closet or a mudroom offer a solution for ice skates, face masks, cleats and other seasonal sports gear, mittens, scarves, hats and gloves are easy to find when you toss them in the storage bin inside your coat closet.

7. Think Outside the Storage Box

Improve your closet storage by adding additional space in another area. We all have those everyday items that migrate to our closets and take up space. Wouldn’t a central storage area help keep your home clutter free and better organized? Built-in storage shelves, cabinets and closets where you can stow items like book bags, back packs, sports equipment and seasonal clothing are the ideal addition to a mudroom. 

Don’t Let Lack of Closet Storage Frustrate Your Family

Not having enough closet storage space when you need is a frustrating dilemma. Don’t let your lack of space upend your daily routine. Additional space and space saving hacks improve your closet storage, organize your home and make life much more pleasant. For more on how you can hack your closet storage and create more space to stow those items that overflow contact the knowledgeable staff at Seiffert Building Supplies.