Metal Railing Feature

Indoor and Outdoor Uses of Modern Metal Railings

Metal railings are staking a claim in modern design. Today, designs are emphasizing more open space, placing a higher priority on function, and appearing more industrial. Sleek, architectural designs are certainly trendy and metal railings lend themselves well to fitting in with clean-cut corners and straightedge lines. There’s nothing wrong with a handcrafted, rustic railing accent piece if that’s what you’re looking for. However, metal railings will better compliment a modern blueprint.

Nick Swanson

Nick Swanson
Deck Specialist

Outdoor Railing Ideas

When it comes to outdoors, one of the most precious components of a deck is ultimately the view beyond. You also want to do what you can to feel connected to your yard as opposed to being divided by a railing. Since metal railings are more stable and more durable than other materials like wood, you can get by with using a thinner piece. This goes for the spindles as well. A thinner rail means a less obstructed view outward. Even though the width of the spacing still can’t be more than 3-4 inches, the distance between each space will be narrower so it will feel more open. You’ll also have less maintenance required because more often than not metal rails are powder coated so you’ll have a resilient finish on them.

Indoor Railing Ideas

Durability will not be lost by moving indoors either. The powder coating is still a typical feature for metal railings. This is equally important for your everyday handrails because they are exposed to the most daily wear and tear. This is especially true if you have children. Kids like to imagine a play space wherever they are and railings are no exception. Whether trucks are speeding up and down or toys are being banged against the side, it won’t take long for a wood railing to start showing dings, dents and chipped corners. Among your options for metal railings, iron and aluminum are the most popular. This is because they offer both architectural strength and a sleek look.

Variety of Railing Finishes and Styles

For those of you still thinking you want more variations in style for your interior railings, metal railings won’t let you down. You could go with a textured style such as a hammered copper finish or even something more ornate with twists and curls like a New Orleans style. Wood railings allow you to incorporate more detail into the material itself, but it doesn’t provide as much malleability. Also, while a black finish is probably the most common, you’re not at all limited to that. Other great color options include a brushed nickel or even an oil-rubbed bronze. Such flexibility allows you keep consistent with other hardware throughout your house like your kitchen cabinet handles.