Using Cedar for Amazing Outdoor Projects

Whether you’re looking to craft a relaxing Adirondack chair or you want to impress your significant other with a custom handrail on the deck, there’s one choice wood to consider – Cedar! Some projects may require specific materials, but cedar is great for most ideas ranging from planter boxes to hanging bench swings.

Cedar is Great for Decks

Let’s start on the surface. Cedar has that beautiful, natural hard wood tone and grain that so many people desire. This is especially so with outdoor projects because you wouldn’t want to take away from the comforting feel of your back yard. Even if you already have a color scheme with your deck or other furniture, cedar is also readily compatible with stains and paints so it will fit right in with the rest of your scene without losing any of it’s other benefits.

Nick Swanson

Nick Swanson
Deck Specialist

Speaking of other benefits, cedar is very customizable in terms of size and shape and doing so doesn’t require more than ordinary wood working tools. This makes it perfect for everyday parents as well as for projects that the kids want to be involved in.

Cedar is Naturally Weather Resistant

Another aspect that makes cedar so popular is that it’s inherently weather resistant. Cedar is a durable wood that can stand up to the conditions without too much maintenance. As with most materials, it is susceptible to watermarks and fading over time if not properly treated, but it holds up far better than an untreated pine or oak.

On a hot day, cedar stays relatively cool so that you can sit in comfort. Unless you use a dark stain, natural cedar won’t absorb the heat as much as a composite would so you don’t need to worry about leaving your furniture out in the blazing sun.

In addition to decks, here are a few of the many cool project ideas for cedar to get you started.

  • Pergolas (with or without a Trellis)
  • Decorative Garden Benches
  • Gliding Swings
  • End Tables


Cedar Deck Railing
Cedar Wood Swing
Cedar Deck Pergola


No matter what you’re dreaming of, cedar is likely to bring it to fruition. The material is easily accessible, comes in a variety of cuts and sizes, and is competitive enough price-wise to not break your budget.