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Drafty Home? 7 Signs You Need Better Insulation

Your home is the fulfillment of the American Dream, right? It’s a place to keep you and your loved ones safe, warm and dry in the winter, cool as a cucumber come summer. In the Quad Cities area, especially at this time of year, we value our warm and cozy home quite a bit. That’s why a drafty home just won’t do!

Is your home as comfortable as you would like it to be? Of do you find yourself staying away from areas of certain draftiness? Are your windows and doors chilly to be around? Is there that closet that seems to let in the cold? Do you need to sit down before opening your monthly utility bills? You may need better insulation in your drafty home.

How Your Draft Home Benefits From Better Insulation

The benefits of a better insulated home are:

  • More efficient air movement
  • Protection from loss of energy
  • Control over the direction in which heat travels

There are also studies that, by maintaining proper temperature control in your home condensation is negligible, prohibiting mold growth.

7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Insulation

Depending on when your home was built you may need an insulation overhaul. Older homes, such as those that predate the 2000s, are very likely in need of better insulation. But even newer homes often need an upgrade. Here are seven signs your drafty home needs better insulation.

1. High Heating and Cooling Costs

It takes a lot of energy to maintain a comfortable home. In our area of the country temperature extremes are not uncommon and if your drafty home is in need of better insulation your utility bills are an obvious sign. Upgrade your insulation and see those energy costs plummet. And your home will maintain your ideal level of comfort.

2. Unregulated Temperatures Throughout Your Home

When your insulation begins deteriorating you’ll feel it in the inconsistent temperatures throughout your hoe. Is your living room draftier than yours den or kitchen? Do you have one bedroom that’s stiflingly warm while another requires a jacket? Noticeably chilly or stuffy rooms and unregulated temperatures are a sign you need better insulation. 

3. Water Spots, Roof Leaks and Ice Dams 

The next time we get hit with a snowstorm take a look at your attic. Do you have icicles? This is a common occurrence in poorly insulated homes. The warm air rises up to the attic and the roof, melting any snow that’s up there and as it renters the attic the drips refreeze. Over time your shingles, sling and insulation wea down causing water spots, leaks and ice dams. Ice dams are especially dangerous to the structure of your home. Better insulation prevents these things from occurring.

4. Cold-to-The-Touch Floors and Walls

Whether you have a basement or crawlspace chilly floors happen. If your floors are cold to the touch then your drafty home may have air leaks that allow heat to escape and cold air to enter. The same applies to walls. If your insulation needs replaced you’ll notice your walls, depending on the season, are cold to the touch or feel warm. The wind and sun permeate the minimally insulated structure of your home allowing temperature fluctuations that not only make your home uncomfortable but eat up your utility budget.

5. Freezing Pipes

Do you hold your breath every time the temperature drops far below freezing because you’re afraid of frozen pipes? Frozen pipes are no joke. They inconvenience your and your family but also pose a risk to your home due to fracturing in the frigid temperatures. If out find your pipes are freezing even when your home seems comfortable poor insulation in the walls, ceiling or floors could be the cause. 

6. Noise Issues

When your neighbor’s car alarm goes off at five in the morning do you hear it? Can you hear the traffic noises as if you were standing outside? This is a sure sign you need better insulation in our home. When your home is well-insulated noises outside stay outside. Go around your home into different rooms to test the noise level an determine if you need to re-insulate.

7. Visibly Deteriorated Insulation

In many areas of your home you can easily put a peek on your insulation. Remove an outlet cover and shine a flashlight onto the wall. Does the insulation appear sound? Go up into your unfinished attic and shine a flashlight down into the walls to check your insulation from that vantage point. Wear goggles and gloves to protect against fiberglass irritation. And ALWAYS make sure your insulation is NOT asbestos-based.

Get Better Insulation for Your Drafty Home Today

Better insulation is one of those things that you don’t really think about until you notice the signs. But, if you have a draft home or notice any of the above signs you need better insulation contact Seiffert Building Supply today. Todays insulation materials are so much better than even a decade ago. And your investment pays for itself in short order.

With improvements in durability, sustainability and easy installation your home can be more comfortable and energy efficient than you imagined. Contact the pros at Seiffert Building Supplies today and say goodbye to the chill in the air and hello to better insulation.