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Ready to Design Your Dream Kitchen? 6 Questions to Ask the Designer

You’re ready to design your dream kitchen. Make sure you get everything you need and want in the kitchen of your dreams by asking the right questions. Your designer needs to know what you want and you need to know what they can deliver. Here are six questions to ask your designer when you’re ready for that dream kitchen.

1. What Experience do You Have?

Like any relationship you can’t know what’s in store if you don’t have some idea of your designer’s background. When you design your dream kitchen the project will go mush smoother if you find a designer who shares and understands your ideas. You also want to make sure the designer has sufficient skills and knowledge as well as the expertise that comes from experience. Here are some specific questions to ask the designer when you’re ready to design your dream kitchen:

  • How many years have you been in the kitchen design field?
  • What are your areas of expertise? Such as style (traditional, modern, farmhouse, etc.) and what features do you favor?
  • Have you been recognized in the industry? Won any awards? 
  • Are you experienced in working with other design professionals such as architects, interior design pros and contractors?

2. Do You Have References and A Kitchen Design Portfolio?

Asking about references and requesting a portfolio of your designer’s work is the best way to gain insight into their abilities and quality of work. You can simply google to obtain some unbiased reviews and most reputable designers are only too happy to offer you a portfolio of their work. It’s up to you to decide if the projects they highlight measure re up to your ideas. Before you choose them to design your dream kitchen see what the designer is capable of then make your decision. 

3. What is Your Process?

As with any home renovation and remodeling project it is essential to the homeowner that the designer stays on time and on budget. That being stated you want to make sure your designer has a well-organized and well-executed design process. And you want to ensure the designer understands what’s involved in the plans to design your dream kitchen. 

From your initial consultation through design development and the selection of materials you and your designer must be of one mind. This ensures an understanding of the project so things go much more smoothly. You also want someone who will be there through each stage when you design your dream kitchen and commence construction. Someone who knows how to collaborate with contractors, is adept at quality control and provides excellent project management.

4. Speaking of Budget, How do You Handle the Budget and Estimate Costs?

You want to design your dream kitchen, yes, but you also have budget parameters that absolutely must be observed. That being said you and your designer must speak the same language when it comes to budget. You certainly get that any project ascertains unexpected expenses. However when your designer approaches the estimate transparently and in a well thought out way with attention to every detail you can avoid many of the unexpected adjustment to your bottom line. When you see a cost breakdown for every detail surrounding materials, appliances, cabinets, countertops and the rest, that’s a sign of a designer you want to work on your dream kitchen.

5. What is Your Approach to Space and Functionality When You Design My Dream Kitchen?

Your dream kitchen is a place of beauty as well as functionality. Being able to transform your space into the kitchen of your dreams is the hallmark of excellence in home design and exactly what you should expect. But not all design teams are the same. Seiffert Building Supplies understands that. 

Our approach involves a keen ability to listen to the client, envision the perfect layout to match the clients own vision. We balance aesthetics and function and anticipate those features that go beyond your dream for an efficient, forward-thinking culinary haven you’ll be proud to show off!

6. How do You Anticipate Any Setbacks or Issues During the Process?

Anytime a Quad Cities homeowner, or any homeowner for that matter, undertakes a renovation or remodeling project you can expect there will be challenges. But, when you work with an experienced and professional designer they know exactly how to guide you through the rough waters.

For example an experienced kitchen designer is organized and prepared, of course. But they must also be ready with contingency plans. Anticipating the “what-ifs” before they happen helps ensure your project remains on track, on budget and on time. 

Problem solving is another skill you want when you design your dream kitchen. A great kitchen designer is creative and all to come up with innovative solutions to problems you may face. The kitchen designer you want for your project takes a positive approach and is open to suggestions. You certainly don’t want anyone to design your dream kitchen who shuts down your ideas, even if they come after the work begins.

The Professionals You Want to Design Your Dream Kitchen

When you decide to design your dream kitchen it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. You’re about to embark on a satisfying adventure. Make the process memorable for all the right reasons. Contact the design professionals at Seiffert Building Supplies, where we take pride in our expertise.