Kitchen Cabinet Island

See Why So Many People Are Adding Islands to Their Kitchens

Your kitchen design says a lot about who you are. Super functional? You’re probably a multi-tasking home chef. Space for guests to gather? You like to entertain. Somewhere for the kids to sit and enjoy a pre-homework snack or do their schoolwork? You have an active family with whom you want to spend time. All three can be accomplished with the addition of a kitchen island. That’s why so many people are adding islands to their kitchens.

There’s no denying the versatility of this popular kitchen addition. In fact, more and more remodeling projects include a kitchen island. Let’s take a look at why this versatile home addition is so popular.

The perfect kitchen is subjective. As we mentioned above, there are many different uses for the “heart of the home” than simply preparing food. To that end there are specific elements that improve any kitchen and ultimately add value to your home. Here are the top reasons homeowners in the Quad Cities are adding islands to their kitchens.

Islands Add to The Aesthetic

Kitchen islands started out as a way to incorporate a separate eating area for families (remember the old “breakfast bar” made popular in the 1970s?) and provided additional counter space. This popular feature evolved into today’s kitchen islands and is a far more sophisticated and versatile aspect of your home’s favorite room.

People are adding islands to their kitchens today as a central point for families to gather, couples to share in the meal prep work and guests to flock to for casual conversation. The island serves as a focal point of your kitchen. It’s a functional yet aesthetically pleasing statement and far from a trend.

People Are Adding Islands to Their Kitchens for More Workspace

Your island isn’t simply a vast extension of your kitchen’s work surface. It’s a customizable workspace of its own, functional and convenient to the tasks at hand. You can incorporate a kitchen sink, additional or primary, integrate a surface handy for making your signature sourdough bread or extend the prep-work area for when those helpers come along.

Additional or Primary Cook Space

Whether you install a cooktop in your island or a built in microwave or convection oven is up to you. However, people are adding islands to their kitchens to extend their cooking space. Induction cooktops, convection ovens and a place to keep your microwave that’s out of the sightline of your kitchen may sound extravagant but you’ll be happy you did so. If your kitchen makeover includes an island consider these very helpful components.

Adding an Island Improves the Flow

When your remodeling project includes a kitchen island you’ll automatically improve the flow of your kitchen. Professionals know that the placement of the kitchen island must be advantageous to the kitchen triangle. To that end, people are adding islands to their kitchens knowing they are never more than a few steps from the refrigerator, stove or sink area. Kitchen islands are a convenient way to improve the workflow, especially when you entertain.

Extend Your Storage Space and More

The great thing about a kitchen island is the customizable storage real estate you gain. There’s more opportunity to add deep drawers or lower cabinets and stop rooting around for that one special sauce pan you need. And there’s ample space for electrical outlets, a cooling or warming drawer and the wine fridge you’ve been dreaming of.

An Addition to Unleash Your Creativity

Think of this amazing addition to your kitchen space as a blank canvas. This is where you can add all those style or functional components that make your kitchen your own. The amateur pastry chef may add a soapstone counter for rolling out dough. Add wraparound seating to accommodate your guests for a casual dinner party. Waterfall countertops give your island a sleek and elegant appearance and high contrast finishes make a bold statement.

Work with The Pros 

One factor people should remember when adding islands to their kitchens is that size really does matter. Especially with a vastly open floor plan. You certainly don’t want an island that’s too small and distracting but neither do you want an oversized kitchen island addition. And not all styles fit all homes.

That’s why the best recommendation is to rely on the professional design services at Seiffert Building Supply. When you’re looking for a kitchen renovation that adds style, function and value to your home trust the team at Seiffert Building Supplies to give you exactly what you want. With all your Quad Cities neighbors adding islands to their kitchens we know exactly the right fit for you. Contact Seiffert Building Supplies today.