Custom Cabinet Options

6 Custom Cabinet Options and Designs to Explore

Whether your kitchen or bath has hard-to-fit spaces where you want cabinets, or you have a certain idea of the type of cabinets you desire, custom cabinets offer a wonderful option for Quad Cities homeowners. After all your cabinets are about much more than just function. Finding a place to stow your kitchen ware or personal care products that reflects your sense of style and complements your space is easy with these custom cabinets options.

What Are Custom Cabinets

The term “custom cabinets” refers to cabinets that are uniquely designed to fit a specific space. Stock cabinets and some semi-custom cabinets are built to specific dimensions. Some spaces require cabinets of a dimension that isn’t available ready-made. 

When this happens you may choose from several custom cabinet options and design styles. Then you provide the cabinet maker with your measurements and your new cabinetry is custom made precisely to your specifications.

What Custom Cabinet Options Are Available

Because your cabinets are custom made you have plenty of options from which to choose. You can select the material as well as the style and how your cabinet functions. Such creative functions include pull-pout shelves, built-in utensil caddies, deep drawers for better accessibility, and even a custom pet-bowl feeding station. 

Of course, before you begin working your creative muscle on those special functions you want from your custom cabinets you’ll need to settle on style. Obviously the style you choose reflects your décor style of the room. For instance, if your kitchen is mid-century modern you wouldn’t select cabinetry better suited for farmhouse or traditional styles of kitchen. Here are six popular options and designs that reflect different styles which you may consider:

1. Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are both traditional and very popular. Owed to their simple and clean design, shaker cabinets lend themselves to such styles as contemporary, modern and, with the right hardware, even farmhouse. Shaker doors have smooth outside and inside edges and flat panels. Their minimalism is simple elegance at its best.

2. Flat Panel Cabinets

Flat panel cabinets are just that. They have no beveled edges and zero ornamentation. This is when material matters as the beauty. Of the wood is what carries the style of cabinet. Perfect for a custom cabinet option the flat panel cabinets depend on dimension for a design statement. Light wood flat panel cabinets are stunning in a contemporary or mid-century modern kitchen that celebrates the “Danish Modern” look.

3. Beaded and Bead Board Cabinets

This design is a classic cottage cabinet style that’s quite popular in the modern farmhouse kitchen. Anything form a singular 1/4 inch bead inset to the traditional bead board defines this style. The beading acts as a type of frame within the frame of the cabinet. This custom cabinet option is quite unique and evokes a type of country cottage elegance. 

4. Tall Cabinets

For the larger kitchen or master bathroom tall standing custom cabinets offer a dramatic flair. Depending on your available space a tall standing custom cabinet accommodates many hard-to-store kitchen appliances, seasonal items and basically anything you like. For those who want a stand-out complement to their cabinets a custom designed tall standing cabinet is a fine answer.

5. Pantry Custom Cabinet Options

Pantry cabinets are multi-use and easy access to accommodate all of your typical pantry items. The design is that of your other cabinets but with pull-out storage that’s easy on the back. The beauty of the pantry cabinet custom cabinet options lies in the custom interior. You can design your pantry cabinets specifically to your needs, with pull out shelving, deep drawers and even pull-down spice racks.

6. Corner Cabinets

Many Quad Cities homeowners would agree that corners are a wasted space when it comes to cabinetry. Conforming to right angle design means you either wrench your arm retrieving what you need or you simply don’t utilize the space. Make life much easier on yourself and your family with corner cabinets. Optimize your space with one of these custom cabinet options, either upper corner cabinets or lower, and you’ll be amazed by the additional easy-to-access space. You can choose from the pull-out drawer type of cabinets with pull out shelving. Either way the exterior of your cabinets is seamlessly uninterrupted and no one would suspect your clever use of space.

We Have Custom Cabinet Options for You

No matter your style or the hard-to-fit dimensions of your kitchen or bathroom Seiffert Building Supplies has the ideal custom cabinet options and designs for you to explore. Our professional services include design consulting and project management. We offer a full line of custom cabinets including such names as Berth, Cambria, Starmark and Merillat. Contact Seiffert Building Supplies today and let us show you our beautiful custom cabinet options.