7 FAQs About Decking, Patio & Railing Materials, Answered

The start of winter might not seem like a time to be thinking about decking, patio & railing materials but it makes sense to consider projects that contribute to pleasant days and evenings spent relaxing outdoors. Warmer days may seem a long way off but think how much more you would enjoy them on your new patio or deck. Already have the deck or patio of your dreams? Even just a change in your railing can make a huge difference in your enjoyment. 

Whether you are a DIY type of person or you would rather hire someone to do the work you want the best  materials you can find. Those decking, patio & railing materials that are durable and good-looking. Here we answer your top. FAQs about decking, patio & railing materials. We’ve been dealing in building materials for more than a century and our knowledge and expertise in the field make us your Quad Cities experts.

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Decking, Patio & Railing Materials

If you’re adding a new deck or patio or simply replacing your old railing with newer railing you likely have questions. Materials vary and some are more durable than others, require less maintenance and stand up to our Iowa winters. Here we answer your top frequently asked questions regarding decking, patio and railing materials.

For your decking project you probably wonder about the value of wood versus composite decking. Let us help.

1. How Many Different Decking Materials Are There?

There are two main categories of deck material. They are composite-board and the more traditional wood. There are several subcategories of wood available as well. Some are more durable than others and some homeowners prefer specific wood for the color and style.

2. Which Decking Material Lasts Longest?

The lifespan of your deck depends on many different factors. If you live in an area of harsh weather, freezing or below temperatures, relentless sun, for example your deck will have a shorter lifespan than someone in a more temperate climate. 

Composite decking lasts longer than wood, especially if the weather is given to extremes. In some cases, other than a few minimal maintenance issues, your composite deck lasts an average of 30-50 years. The durability of wood, on the other hand, depends upon maintenance, the occasional board replacement and is more susceptible than composite to damage from ice dams and harsh weather. The lifespan of a wood deck is typically 10-30 years.

3. What Decking, Patio & Railing Materials Are Safe With a Heat Source?

You should always use extreme caution when operating a grill, fire table, patio heater or grill, especially on wood and composite decking. Always place a firesafe mat beneath your heat source and take care to prevent any part of the structure of your deck or railing from coming into direct contact with an open flame or heating element. 

Concrete patios are more heat source friendly but always maintain caution even on a concrete patio. Place a heatproof mat beneath your heater, grill or fire table to prevent discoloration or damage and never leave your heat source unattended. Always have a fire extinguisher handy. Thant’s just good homeownership!

4. What Type of Railing is Best?

Today’s Quad Cities homeowners prefer cable railing for their decks and porches. Cable railing has no bulky hardware or wide rails to block your view so whether you’re watching the little ones at play in the backyard or relaxing and taking in the view you can do so without the bother of an obstructed view. And replacing your cable railings should one of them break or degrade is a very easy endeavor. 

5. What’s the Best Material for My Patio?

Patios come in all different styles and much of what makes a patio “the best” depends on your personal choice. Gravel patios are very durable and easy to maintain. They may not be the most stylish however and if you have children or pets gravel may get tracked back into your home. 

Brick and natural stone provide a more upscale appearance and have a lifespan that may even outlast the homeowner. Concrete is always a safe bet but replacement and maintenance can be a hassle.

For the ultimate in patio material that’s low maintenance, looks good and complements any home go for patio pavers. Of course if you want to up the quality one more step composite wood is another great idea for your patio base. 

6. What Are The Best Decking, Patio & Railing Materials for My Budget?

When you look over your budget for your deck, patio or replacing your railings you need to ask yourself a few questions. First, are you making an investment that drives up the value of your home. Is virtually maintenance-free and lasts a long time? Then absolutely look at composite for your decking, either composite or professionally-installed pavers for your patio and cable railing for your railing replacement. Those are the longest lasting decking, patio & railing materials and the most desirable materials for home buyers.

7. Where is The Best Place for Decking, Patio & Railing Materials

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