Outdoor Deck Oasis

Expand Your Backyard Oasis with a New Deck This Spring

It’s been a rough winter and Quad Cities residents are more than ready to enjoy their outdoor time. Sunny days and balmy nights await you but those wonderful times would be Sio much more with your own backyard paradise. What better way to do just that than by expanding your backyard oasis with a new deck? 

Enhancing your outdoor space with a new deck creates an inviting atmosphere. You can go extravagant or simple but in the end you want a space where you and your family can entertain guests on a Saturday afternoon or kick back and enjoy a little solitude. Expanding your backyard oasis with a new deck is an incredible way to usher in the warmer weather you’ve been waiting for. Let’s see what we can offer you.

Simple Deck Design

Sometimes the simpler options are better. If you want a deck with clean lines and an understated elegance a simple deck delivers just that. And don’t be fooled into believing simple equals boring. A simple deck provides plenty of space for entertaining or sharing intimate conversation at the end of the day or even enjoying a second cup of coffee before the day gets crazy. You can furnish the way you like and enjoy your deck your way, no matter the trend.

Multi-Level Decks

If you’re looking for a way to introduce some dimension to your backyard a multi-level outdoor living space does that. Your new deck also creates designated zones for specific activities. You can designate a dining area with the addition of built in bench seating or a socializing area with a built-in bar. You can even cover a portion of your outdoor space,  furnish it in a comfy, laid back style, add a fire table and mount a TV with separate surround sound speakers and you have all the makings of an outdoor entertainment area. 

Design Features That Level-Up Your Outdoor Living 

Whether your new deck is simple and understated or a multi-level extension of your living space you can add design features that add to your backyard oasis. Built-in planter boxes alive with cascading greenery or flowers that flourish create an extension of your garden area and flower beds. They are an easy way to add color, stile and beauty courtesy of mother nature. Hint: plant some mosquito banishing plants to keep your space bug-free.

A pergola is a wonderful addition to your deck, especially if your deck gets a lot of direct sunlight. Create shade anywhere you need it. Just over a portion of the deck or the entire space, wherever you feel the sun’s harsh glare is the right place for a pergola. 

Built-in benches mean you won’t have to worry about not having enough seating for guests. Dress your built in benches up with the addition of cushions and create your niches with the same material you use for your new deck for a seamless flow. 

Lighting is a fantastic feature for your backyard oasis and it should extend to your deck as well. No glaring porch lights or overhead spotlights to ruin the ambience. Instead integrate soft lighting into your built-in benches, planters, steps and step downs between levels. Keep your party going after sunset when you add soft outdoor ambient lighting around your new deck.

The Best Materials for Your New Deck

When you get ready to expand your backyard oasis with a new deck this spring please note there are various types of materials you can use. Wooden decking is a timeless and classic material that’s affordable. It’s a popular material for homeowners in the Quad Cities area, but the durability of wood only lasts so long and wood decks do require some maintenance . 

Composite wood is made from wood pulp and plastic. While it looks nearly identical to real wood it doesn’t require much maintenance at all other than a hosing off or maybe a mopping once in awhile. Composite wood for decking is an investment but lasts for decades and maintains its beauty too.

Expand Your Backyard Oasis with Help From Us

For more ways to expand your backyard oasis with a new deck this spring contact Seiffert Building Supplies. We have a full line of deck materials including the ever-popular composite decking and cable railing. Come see what we can do to help you celebrate spring in the Quad Cities. Contact Seiffert Building Supplies today.