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6 Signs Your Home Is Ready for Stunning New Doors

Your home and family depend on the doors to the outside to keep safe and comfortable, no matter the weather. Your doors also add curb appeal and highlights your personal sense of style. But how do you know when the time is right and your home is ready for stunning new doors? Here we offer  signs that its time.

6 Signs Your Home is Ready for Stunning New Doors

Consider your home’s doors. They take a lot of abuse; people coming in and out, slamming doors (unintentionally of course!) and constantly being called upon to keep your home safe and comfortable. Depending on the material and with proper maintenance your doors may last decades before they need replaced. But when they do look for these signs your home is ready for stunning new doors.

1. Obvious Deterioration

If your doors are weathered or cracked or warped and difficult to close you are ready for stunning new doors. Weathered doors just look tired. And if they look weathered that means the insulation that keeps the heat or AC inside has likely degraded substantially.

A cracked door offers the same waste of energy and projects an aesthetic you probably don’t want. Both of these are signs your doors need to be replaced.

2. Warped Door

One of the most frustrating examples of a warped door is coming home with a bag of groceries in one hand and you keys in the other and not being able to open your door. You know the routine-push or pull to a certain point then turn the lock and shove in. When your door is that warped it indicates your door may have sinking hinges or the structure has become uneven. It’s time to replace the door.

3. Fogged Glass Panes

If your home’s door has glass panes and they are fogged this is a sign of moisture penetrating the seal. This could also be a source for mold and mildew to grow. And you can absolutely assume the insulating core of your door is compromised and no longer energy efficient. If you have a glass insert in your door then this is among the top signs your home is ready for a stunning new door. 

4. Obvious Water Damage

In the Quad Cities we get our fair share off inclement weather. Snow and ice in the winter, rain and wind and even the occasional tornado the rest of the year are common in our little corner of the world. After years of abuse by Mother Nature your door may show water damage. Left intact a door with water damage may harbor mold as well which can spread into your walls and infiltrate your home. The signs of water damage are:

  • Peeling paint
  • Water stains
  • Warping
  • Musty odor
  • Rust
  • Discoloration

5. Insulation Issues

We’ve covered a few of the things that may cause degradation to your door’s insulation but, just as with your home insulation, your door’s energy efficient core may diminish with age. Sometimes you’ll notice a definite draft coming from your door or the door may be hot or cool to the touch. These are two very obvious signs your insulation is likely shot and your home is ready for stunning new doors. Please look for the most energy efficient doors you can to ensure your home is comfy-cozy and your utility bills are low. 

6. Pests are Among the Signs Your Home is Ready for Stunning New Doors

Of course there are specific pests that cause damage. If your door is made of wood and termites get a foot hold there will be obvious signs; sawdust around your door,  termites visible in your home and a hollow sound to the door. Yes, this is one of the signs your home is ready for stunning new doors, but also pest control might be a good idea!

Another way pests are among the signs your home is ready for stunning new doors is when you seem to have a lot of pests entering your home. Flies, moths, spiders, wasps and bees and the occasional creepy crawler slip in through doors that aren’t properly fitted. This is common when the door needs replaced. Gaps form around the door and let in all kinds of pests. 

Boost Your Home’s Value with Stunning New Windows

Your doors and windows are essential to keeping your home safe and comfortable. And when your home is ready for stunning new doors you can be sure the value will climb as your utility bills lower. For more on how to find stunning new doors please contact the experts at Seiffert Building Supplies.