Cabinet and Countertop Tips

8 Cabinet & Countertop Mistakes to Avoid with Your Kitchen

Nothing transforms your kitchen like cabinets and countertops. You can update your style, change your aesthetic and improve your kitchen workspace all by replacing your current cabinets and countertops. But you must proceed with caution as cabinet and countertop mistakes happen and you surely don’t want to live with them.

Top Cabinet and Countertop Mistakes to Avoid

Your kitchen cabinetry and counters are extremely important elements of your home. They certainly aren’t something most Quad Cities homeowners replace every whipstitch so when you do  renovate you want it to be perfect. It’s a major investment in your home. That means avoiding any cabinet and countertop mistakes. Here we present the top cabinet and countertop mistakes to avoid in your kitchen.

1. Having an Unrealistic Budget

Your kitchen is a very important part of your home. Not only is it the most utilized room in your house but your guests will often congregate there when you entertain. If you think a cabinet and countertop re-do is in your near future start shopping now just so you can set a realistic budget. Don’t try to cut corners or skimp on these elements of an aesthetically pleasing and timeless kitchen renovation.

2. Not Considering Countertop Usage

Everything looks great in the showroom but you need to consider how you’ll use your countertops before you make your selection. Are you an avid home cook? Do you entertain a lot? Then opt for a countertop material that’s both durable and retains it’s beauty under the most intense cooking events. Quartz is an excellent choice-highly durable and lovely.

3. Neglecting to Consider Maintenance 

When it comes to both cabinet and countertop maintenance you need to consider how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. Care and upkeep for lighter colored cabinets is slightly more warranted than for natural and darker hues. Lighter cabinets tend to show even the slightest spills and splatters more easily and any wearing around the cabinet pulls or corners  shows much sooner on lighter colored cabinetry. 

Countertops also have varying maintenance needs. Solid surface and some of the newer composite countertops materials are much more durable and fairly impervious to scratches than other countertop surfaces. Some countertop materials require special cleaning compounds and some need to be re-sealed regularly.

4. Choosing the Wrong Color

Trends come and go and your investment in your cabinet and countertop renovation need not be wasted on a here-today-gone-tomorrow trend. Bright poppy countertops with deep blue cabinets might look stunning right now but over time they definitely lose their appeal. Opt for classic colors, natural wood hues and neutral or natural surfaces. 

5. Not Discussing Seam Placement 

Seams in cabinet and countertop installation is normal. This is especially true for those homes with vast counter space. But there is a way to artfully install both cabinets and countertops without seams being obvious. Be sure to mention this concern to your installer before installation begins. If you want cabinetry with no seams at all you may want to consider custom cabinets.

6. Not Prioritizing Durability 

Of course you want your kitchen to look aesthetically pleasing but you need your countertops and cabinetry to stand up to daily use too. Today’s kitchen counter and cabinetry materials can be both beautiful and durable, if you choose well. For your busy kitchen it’s important that you prioritize the durable nature of those materials so your beautiful new kitchen delights you for years to come.

7. Cutting Corners

When you skimp on your cabinet and countertop investment you are making a huge mistake. And it will come back on you at some point in the near future. Investing in the best quality counters and cabinetry for your budget is something you’ll never regret. The materials used in these products are better looking and longer lasting. Don’t skimp or you may find you need to replace your counters and cabinets much sooner than you expected.

8. Not Working with A Professional

When it comes to big home projects like this you really need to work with a professional in order to ensure it’s done right. And when you work with a tried and true professional like Seiffert Building Supplies you’ll avoid making costly cabinet and countertop mistakes. Our professional project management team has the experience and know-how. You can rest assured your renovation will be done right-from first measurements to your kitchen “unveiling”.

Don’t make a DIY mistake you have to live with. Work with the trusted professionals at Seiffert Building Supplies.

Let’s Work Together

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