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Simple Renovations to Add More Natural Light

Increasing the natural light in your home is beneficial on so many levels. Natural daylight reduces your dependence on artificial lighting during the day, saving energy, and lowering your electric bill. Easygoing, natural light enhances the beauty in color and texture, taking your decor to next level looks. And. let’s face it, natural sunlight, and even the light that still radiates on overcast days, brightens your mood and makes you feel better. 

There are many reasons for introducing more natural light into your home, but you may be stymied when it comes to how to lighten up your environment. There are a few different ways to do so without breaking the bank, or disrupting your home, for months with a major remodel. Here are some simple renovation ideas you can use to increase nature’s light in your home.

Add or Replace Windows

Many homes in the Quad Cities area date back more than a few decades. When these houses were built, conserving heat, in view of our intense winter weather, was essential to the comfort of those who lived there. This meant smaller windows, and solid doors. Preventing the elements from getting into the house was the primary focus.

Now that we live in an age of energy efficient windows and doors, it’s no longer necessary to shutter the light. With double pane windows, even something like a large bay window isn’t going to significantly affect the heat within. Consider enlarging the windows you already have, and opening up your view on the world, or adding a window to brighten a too-dark area of your home. 

The age of your current windows can have an impact on the amount of natural light that flows through your home. Is the glass dulled with age? Do your windows have thick frames or exterior awnings that block the light? Outdated windows need to be replaced, if only due to the energy they let seep out of your home. Update your windows and welcome the natural light. Your home will appear more open, and even larger. New windows add value to your home and provide an excellent return on investment.

Change Up Your Door

A dark entryway isn’t very welcoming. If your home’s entryway is dim, consider changing your front door. Choose a door with a window, or add sidelights to really open it up. Just like today’s newer windows offer insulation and energy efficiency, new doors and sidelights are also more efficient. You can have a bright and inviting foyer, and not be concerned with compromising the efforts of your HVAC. Also, just like new windows, a new door will add value to your home.

Install Skylights and Sun Tubes

A skylight is a feature that enhances the beauty of your home by letting in more natural light. Installing a skylight in your living room, or family room, bedroom, or hallway, not only draws in more natural light, but it offers a unique accent to your home. 

And today’s skylights are much improved. These practical light enhancing additions project a certain ambiance as they let in the sky’s natural light, but keep out everything else. Professionally installed skylights are virtually impervious to inclement weather, and you can even choose to customize your skylight with a remote controllable ventilation panels and shutters. 

If you can’t commit to, or don’t have the ceiling space for, a skylight, consider a solar tube. Solar tubes, or sun tubes, are cylindrical devices that allow daylight to come through and fill the room with natural light. Typically 10”-14” in diameter, sun or solar tubes have a polished interior. The reflection magnifies the intensity of the natural light coming in,  making them ideal for powder rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, entryway, closets, or just about anywhere you want to add more daylight. Just like skylights, they’re weather-safe and insulated if professionally installed.

Lighten Your Palette

Inside, or out, a paint refresh will brighten your home and enhance the natural light already coming in. Because darker colors absorb light, you’ll find changing from the grey trend of a few years ago to a white, or off white, makes a big difference. Pay attention to the finish too. Upgrade to a semi-gloss from an eggshell or flat and you’ll shed some more light on your space. 

Painting your home’s exterior can also have a tremendous impact on the natural light coming into your home. Paint your outside eaves white, and use white underneath the eaves as well. This will reflect more light, bringing it into your doors and windows. 

Anytime you can add more natural light to your home, it’s a good move. Natural light adds an element no amount of artificial light can ever replicate. Incorporate these simple renovations to add more natural light to your home, and see for yourself how truly beautiful nature’s light can shine.