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Thinking of Selling Your Home? 7 Small Remodel Projects to Improve Your Home’s Value

Everyone who sells their home hopes to get top dollar. But if your home is outdated and showing her age you may need to do some work. Relax! A major overhaul isn’t necessary. Here we show you seven small remodel projects to improve your home’s value.

The 7 Remodel Projects that Improve Your Home’s Value

Before you embark on remodel projects to improve your homes value you need to come up with a budget. Be reasonable but understand you’ll make this money back in resale value. You also should determine if the improvement is something that makes the home more valuable for you or if it’s an upgrade that increases the resale value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers. That can be a difficult thing to figure out.

Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you. While some of the projects are a lot easier when you hire a professional, many are DIY. Before you pick up a hammer, review our list of the seven small remodel projects to improve your home’s value.

1. Wall Refresh

A little sweat equity goes a long way when you repaint your walls. Not only will a new, neutral paint job freshen up your living spaces but it will refresh the entire home. Bright, clean rooms suddenly appear where outdated and faded colors once were. New paint in every room gives your home a breath of fresh air. 

If you have wallpaper in your home take it down. While wallpaper is trending again it’s something most homebuyers want to select for themselves. Paint is the better option for resale.

Don’t forget about the ceilings. A coat of white ceiling paint makes your ceilings look clean and opens up the room. And, please-no popcorn ceilings!

2. Replace Crown Molding

Once you repaint your walls your molding may appear a little dingy and old. Or, maybe you don’t have crown molding. In either case you should install crown molding to add character to your rooms. This is a really easy DIY. Simply measure the room and buy the appropriate quantity of molding. Ask the store to cut it for you or cut it yourself. You may purchase molding that’s already painted so all you need to do is bring it home, pop it where you want it and secure it with a nail gun. 

3. Restore Floors to Improve Your Home’s Value

I you have hardwood floors and haven’t refinished them in five or more years you should do so now. It’s possible, with the right equipment, to do this yourself, but you may decide to hire someone. Especially if you have a lot of hardwood floor space.

If you have carpeting and don’t plan to replace, give it a thorough professional cleaning just before you list your home. The buyers may ask for a carpet allowance, especially if the carpeting is old and outdated.

4. Replace Cabinets and Countertops

OK, this likely falls under the category of “large remodel project” but will definitely improve your home’s value. And for most Quad Cities home buyers the kitchen sets the stage. 

Do your cabinets look their age? Are your countertops scratched and stained? They could turn off potential buyers big time. Consider updating your cabinets and countertops. If your cabinets are in good shape and able to be painted, sand and paint them yourself. If not, look into buying new. You will get your investment back as new cabinets truly improve your home’s value. 

Countertops that are showing a “life well-lived” need to go away. Your new paint and beautiful floors, updated cabinets and crown molding can’t take away scarred, stained and dull countertops. New countertops improve your home’s value and impress buyers.

5. A New Front Door Will Improve Your Home’s Value

Curb appeal is everything when selling your home. After all, if the potential buyers like what they see when they pull up to your home they’re sure to want to see more. A new door really brightens up your entryway and gives your home some character. And a door that’s energy efficient is a strong selling point. 

6. Your Entryway

As long as you’re getting them out of the car think about your entryway beyond the door. Do you have a formal foyer? Perhaps you need to replace your lighting. Do you step right into a living space from the front door? Then you want to make sure your potential buyers step into a space where they’ll immediately feel welcome, and at home.

7. Your Deck

Your home can be as stunning as can be but if your deck appears unkempt and uncared-for your potential buyers may just turn the other way. If it’s been awhile since you’ve shown your favorite outdoor space some love, consider replacing your old deck with a new composite deck. Not only will your new deck look fabulous but the fact that the material lasts for decades with little to no maintenance is a definite selling point to improve your home’s value.

If your deck looks fine and is structurally sound you’ll only need to replace any splintered or broken boards and give it a thorough power wash and possibly a coat of deck sealant and you should be good to go.

We’ll Help Improve Your Home’s Value

It’s surprising how making just a few small changes will improve your home’s value. At Seiffert Building Supplies we know what Quad Cities home buyers look for and we’ll help you along the way. Our project specialists assist you with renovations and remodeling from start to finish. We offer a full line of products to help you get top dollar for your home. Contact Seiffert Building Supplies today.